Natural Cannabidiol, Organic Food and Clean Filtered Water: Preparing for a Better Future

Cannabidiol has been in the news for the past two weeks as pharmaceutical companies are taking the lead with states’ senators and enacting what are known as Hemp-Oil Bills, which allow the drug companies to begin trials of pharmaceutical based CBD drugs. Quite often, media is not reporting on the fact that Cannabidiol from industrial hemp is not a controlled substance, but rather a basic food ingredient with no known side effects and a long list of benefits. So why is the media giving us the silent treatment on this amazing natural constituent while hyping the pharmaceutical versions?

Last week, Washington State opened up limited retail level sales of non-medicinal, street level marijuana. While the media is saying that there may be a “weed shortage”, there is no true shortage on the horizon for the largest unlisted cash crop in America. It seems that the focus is on wall street and cashing in on the marijuana boom, but not so much in the way of immediate solutions for the People. It would appear that the CBD Industry is in fact being pitted against Big-Pharma in a race toward public awareness and market dominance.

Much is similar in the Cannabidiol story to the story of Organics. The need for a true distinction between what is all-natural and good for you versus what is just another way to get high, and the medicine is an afterthought. If you are like me, you don’t need the hype and celebrity to know that a product is good and you want to take it. If it works, that is goal one; goal two is to only eat good quality nutrients. Good quality water and organic food are essential to a long life with minimal complications. When it comes to Cannabidiol, your selection should be no different.

If you’re like me, you want to see that this is the real thing right up front without wasting anybody’s time. Companies like TwinFalls Biotech are prominent in the CBD Industry with health solutions like ArisiTol that clearly display their CBD certification right on the outside of the box, and proudly shows off the fact that ArisiTol is an all-natural supplement with no unnecessary ingredients. For those that want to try it, TwinFalls is offering the first trial bottle for ArisiTol for free. What’s even better is that most people start to get results with this product in the first 4-5 days and there is a 7 day supply included in the trial. “The positive feedback is overwhelming; I have people emailing me every day and they are so surprised and genuinely thankful that they found our product – there’s really nothing better in the world than that sometimes. I know that we’re really helping people that have been suffering for years, I’m glad they didn’t give up and they gave ArisiTol a try.” says TwinFalls CEO David Mouser. After all: “Wellness is a Lifestyle”